Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui


It's been a longtime dream of Pamela Winans of Cool Blue Maui to finally have a website.

Every Saturday, for over 27 years, Pamela loyally set up her bright and colorful booth at Maui's local Swap Meet (a very popular local outdoor Maui market). Once a week she exclusively showcased and sold her super cute, colorful, eye-catching, comfy-cozy Baby Blue girls' fashion line. The Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui's presence at the Maui Swap Meet has been a star attraction to generations of Maui families and visitors alike looking for unique, high-quality, made on Maui, well-priced little girls' swimsuits, dresses and activewear.

Now retired from the Maui Swap Meet, Pamela needed assistance taking her original Hawaiian style girls' apparel to the next level! 


The branding, logo, lifestyle & product photography, copywriting, web design & web development of Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui needed to be complete by the Made on Maui Festival  so we quickly and efficiently took action. First we needed to understand Pamela's visions for the Baby Blue brand and how it is an extension of her Cool Blue Maui company.

Brand & Inspiration Board

In order to assist this process, we collaborated on an Inspiration Board which helped Pamela to explore and share her vision for Baby Blue and Cool Blue Maui. Once we understood the relationship and symbiosis between the two identities, we explored and defined a color palette and the "feeling" / atmosphere of the Baby Blue and Cool Blue Maui brand. This was the start of our Creative Process.


As we approached this project we knew that it was super important for the aesthetics of the Baby Blue and Cool Blue Maui logos to be able to mix and match together as one complete and distinct logo, but at the same time these logos need to be strong and independent, capable of standing on their own. The logo design also needed to inspire both adults and kids and incorporate the brightness of Hawaii and the colors of Baby Blue girls dresses and rompers.

Lifestyle Brand Photography

In order to make Pamela's website shine we focused on custom, beautiful, inspiring and mission focused fashion photography. The mission of Cool Blue Maui is to encourage girls and young women to follow their bliss, know their own strength & abilities, and live a life of creative learning & empowerment. Chelsea Heller Photography did an AMAZING job capturing the essence of the Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui brand.

In order to have a successful commercial photoshoot we planed ahead and mapped out the morning in full detail (with room for flexibility of course). We also know the importance of getting the perfect models for fashion photography, so we reached out to a group of inspiring parents who have super adorable and adventurous little girls. Throughout this entire process we let our imaginations run wild, storyboarded each scene, created unique props, and matched the dresses and rompers according to the distinct style and energy of each setting. 

The Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui lifestyle brand photoshoot was so much fun! It was a beautiful, sunny, playful day in Haiku Maui. We had a tea party, trampoline fun, swings, kites, lilikoi lemonade, bubbles, balloons & boating adventures.

Product Photography

In addition to creating unique lifestyle brand photos we also produced the product photography. This was a studio photoshoot that focused on great lighting and isolating the products from the background. We shot each dress and romper in full focus and made sure the colors were true to form. We did closeups of the fabric, front and back shots and also implemented the "invisible mannequin technique" in order to draw the most direct attention to the apparel.

Web Design

The Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui website needed to be eye-catching, unique, bright, beautiful, shine aloha, easy to navigate, intuitive, mobile friendly (responsive), secure, manage online inventory and be able to take online payments and shipping details easily from each customer. The overall web design incorporated Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui's brand colors, typography and energy. We created a sitemap which outlined the structure and choreography of the website. Once we had all design elements in place (photography, logos, colors, copy, keywords, etc.) we went to work designing, creating and developing a fully custom eCommerce website on the content management system WordPress with the power of WooCommerce.


The Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui branding and website project was a huge success. We had so much fun working closely with Pamela! She is an inspiration to all Maui entrepreneurs!

We are thrilled to say that now Pamela's dream of sharing her Maui based company with the global marketplace is a reality. We are extremely happy with the results and what the future holds for Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui. We think Pamela summed it up nicely!

Here's What Pamela had to say: 

"I am so happy I found FLYING 'OKOLE ... I looked for a long time for a web designer who could give me more than a run of the mill template site...then I found Chelsea who listened to my ideas, gave me ideas and created an amazing website for me! Professional, on time with deadlines and worth every penny! I would highly recommend for anyone who wants a unique polished website ..."

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Cool Blue Maui branding collateral examples of logo, inspiration board, banners and signs


Mahalos to the parents and the adorable models who shined bright in our recent lifestyle brand photoshoot. You totally rocked the Baby Blue Twirling Dresses, Holoholo Dresses and Rompers! You truly exemplify the mission of Cool Blue Maui and bring great pride and joy to Pamela. Thank you!

Emma and Charlotte, thank you for being the original Baby Blue girls and for your love and support throughout the years. Thank you also for your assistance at the Baby Blue brand photoshoot and Charlotte's beautiful haku leis @barefootwarrior42. Your presence is so special and valuable beyond words.

Thank you Chelsea Heller Photography for truly capturing the essence of the Baby Blue brand. Your beautiful photos make the website shine!

Mille and Bill Kohl, Amie Veine (of Rustic Maui), Casey and Ishi Hughes, Trish and Luna thank you for assisting with the production of the Baby Blue lifestyle brand photoshoot and for the use of your magical land!

Bless Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui reaching its global family.

Cool Blue Maui Made in Maui County Booth design and branding by Fflying Okole and Rustic Maui
Cool Blue Maui Made in Maui County front view of booth design and branding by Flying Okole and Rustic Maui
Booth design by Rustic Maui