TIARE STYLE designs and sells Hawaii & Tahiti inspired, high-quality and very unique (hand-made by an all women team in Bali) beach sheets and home decor products. TIARE STYLE was created in Maui in 2000 by a dynamic mother and daughter team who co-created the original MAUI BEACH SHEET. Tiare Lee (daughter) inherited the business (after her mom, Jody, retired) and has big plans to take TIARE STYLE to new levels and share the MAUI BEACH SHEET with the world! The MAUI BEACH SHEET is TIARE STYLE's most popular product line and current focus. The beach sheet originates from a nostalgic time in Hawaii, specifically Waikiki beach culture in the 1950s.


TIARE STYLE needed a full makeover: branding, logo, lifestyle & product photography, copywriting, eCommerce web design & web development. First we needed to sit down with Tiare and talk story in order to better understand her vision for the TIARE STYLE brand.

Brand & Inspiration Board

We collaborated on an Inspiration Board which helped Tiare explore and share her vision of TIARE STYLE. Once we understood Tiare's true style and hip tropical bohemia branding ideas, we explored and defined a bright color palette and the "ambiance" of the TIARE STYLE brand. This was the start of our Creative Process.



The logo for TIARE STYLE needed to be iconic and stand on its own as a work of art. We needed to incorporate a flavorful mix of island style aesthetics and inspire a feeling of "a life of leisure" stemming from a  cool, sexy, fun and adventurous energy. To start we mocked up several different versions of a TIARE STYLE graphic. Tiare then choose a design direction and we went to work creating a very retro 1980's Bali / Tahiti / Hawaii surf style logo that incorporates symbols that are important to Tiare (a heart, the tiare flower, and the number 7). For the final logo, we provided several different color versions as well as an advanced logo that has a very retro Hawaii surf look. Tiare's logo will be used on all of TIARE STYLE's products so it was important to make sure her new logo complimented her bright, beautiful and colorful product motifs.

Lifestyle Brand Photography

In order to best achieve Tiare's strategic goals we enhanced the esthetics and quality of her new website with professionally branded lifestyle photography. Great images that tell the story of your products and inspire an authentic connection to your brand are key ingredients for success. We believe that beautiful, unique, high-quality (web optimized) images truly make a website shine!

We are so fortunate to have Chelsea Heller Photography on our team!  Her attention to detail, technical knowledge and the personal heartfelt energy she brings to each project is priceless. Chelsea did an AMAZING job working with our great models and the elements of mother nature (it was a windy Ho'okipa Beach morning). She truly captured the essence of TIARE STYLE. We also had an wonderful opportunity to work with John Calabrese who took BEAUTIFUL drone photographs! Mahalo John!

Behind the scenes, our commercial lifestyle brand photoshoot was planned in full detail (with room for flexibility) prior to our early morning photoshoot at Ho'okipa Beach Park. We had a detailed shot list, we storyboarded each scene, and we choreographed how each mini photo shoot would flow into the next scene in order to be the most time efficient. We organized morning refreshments with Tiare to ensure that everyone would be extra happy for the early 6 am photoshoot. Tiare's friends and family were AWESOME models! We had a great time making branded photo art for TIARE STYLE.

Product Photography

In addition to lifestyle brand photos we also produced in-studio product photography. Our studio allows us to take the necessary time to set up each shot and control the lighting environment which is essential to capturing the true colors of the MAUI BEACH SHEETS. In post production we isolated the products from the background by removing the white backdrop and replacing it with a pure white background. Tiare's beach sheets are so beautiful which made our job super easy and fun. The tropical designs and colors are truly a work of art!

eCommerce Web Design

TIARE STYLES new website needed to launch Tiare's business into a new era. Visually the website needed to capture peoples' attentions with bright ocean / island style colors and beautiful imagery of her product line. Also Tiare approached us with the specific business goal of not only expanding her wholesale market in the state of Hawaii but also taking TIARE STYLE to new wholesale markets across California. We took this to heart and designed a website that shines aloha, is easy to navigate, intuitive, mobile friendly (responsive), secure, manages online inventory and makes it easy for customers to make trusted secure online payments. The overall web design incorporated TIARE STYLE's brand colors, typography and energy. We created a sitemap which outlined the structure and choreography of the website. Once we had all design elements in place (photography, logos, colors, copy, keywords, SEO strategy, etc.) we went to work designing, creating and developing a fully customized eCommerce website on the content management system WordPress with the power of WooCommerce.

TIARE STYLE Business Cards
TIARE STYLE Business Cards


We are extremely happy with the results of TIARE STYLE's custom eCommerce website, cool logo, hip brand and beautiful photography. 

Tiare is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is so bright, kind, creative and has a beautiful vision for TIARE STYLE. Her passion for her "all women" business is inspiring and we are extremely honored and excited to be a part of her success. Mahalo Tiare!

We love working with amazing Maui businesses who offer unique, high-quality, versatile products to their customers. TIARE STYLE's MAUI BEACH SHEETS are our personal favorite multi-use beach blankets! We use them on our beach adventures, we enjoy them in Maui's beautiful upcountry hills to have stylish picnics, and they enhance the esthetics of our home. 

We love TIARE STYLE and we are sure you will too!


Here is what Tiare had to say: 

"Where to begin... I met Chelsea & Chelsea one day at Maui Kombucha, they were sitting at a table next to me and they caught my eye with their hip style and friendly vibe. I had to start a conversation with them and in the end got their two business cards knowing that someday I would have a relationship with these two fabulous women. Sure enough a few years down the road I started my TIARE STYLE business and some how found their cards, although I could never forget the name of their business FLYING 'OKOLE! As I write this I now have a slick hip delicious website and two new friends for life! (Lucky me) starting out I had no idea what I was doing and these two women have held my hand and given me love and support when I had no idea what certain things meant! I’m an artist not a tech savvy gal 😜. No sweat let the pros do their thing. Now I not only have a killer website, I have Chelsea & Chelsea on my team. This is not a relationship that ends with the completion of your website it’s a relationship for as long as you have your business. Thank goodness for these two, I feel stronger with them by my side. Obviously highly recommend these super women to be in your corner as well. Mahalo nui"



A special thank you to all of our AMAZING models who brought style, class and fun to our lifestyle brand photoshoot. You all rocked!

Thank you Chelsea Heller Photography and John Calabrese. Your beautiful photos make the website shine!

Thank you Joannah Bryan (of Cow Girl Coffee) for assisting us on our photoshoot and lending your cool truck! Your professionalism and great bubbly personality added to the success of our day! Thank you Mille Kohl for assisting with production of the photoshoot. Your "can do" attitude and support is always appreciated.

And last but certainly not least, THANK YOU Tiare and Jody for believing in FLYING 'OKOLE. We are thrilled to assist you on your journey with TIARE STYLE. We are absolutely honored to be associated with your amazing Maui business. Cheers to your success!

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