Cheryl Sindell


This was an incredible opportunity to work closely with Cheryl Sindell who'm we have admired for years!

Cheryl is a Global Nutritionist who combines body wisdom with the guiding principles of Eastern & Western Nutrition. Over the years, Cheryl has consulted with numerous restaurants; she's been a special guest on television and talk radio shows; and she continues to be an AMAZING one-on-one nutritional mentor. Cheryl is a published author (currently working on her new book) and a documentary producer (she has new docu-series in the works!). Cheryl is passionate about personal and global environmental health. She is a driven entrepreneur with an ever growing skill set. She is quite frankly - inspiring! 

Cheryl needed a brand refresh! Her website and logo was outdated and her career was blossoming into a new era so she needed a website capable of growing with her as an author, producer and Global Nutritionist. 


We sat down with Cheryl and discussed her vision and SMART goals. It was important for her to have a personality driven website that was clean and modern, yet playful and bright. Her logo also needed to undergo a metamorphic transformation in order be a symbol of her strong vibrant personality. Her social media channels all needed to be organized, revamped and cohesively branded together. Beautiful and inspiring photography was a must so we scheduled photo sessions with Chelsea Heller Photography and carefully selected premium stock photography.

As an author and public figure it was also important for Cheryl to have a publishing platform built into her website. We created a blog, a lead magnet and an integrated newsletter marketing campaign via WPForms, OptinMonster and MailChimp. 

This was a full-scale rebranding project and an opportunity for us to provide Cheryl with new productivity tools (Google G Suite and Asana) which makes digital life more fun and efficient.

We beautifully collaborated together and visually translated her goals into an Inspiration Board that combined her favorite colors, typography and imagery. The Inspiration Board was our guide as we moved forward with her: logo, business card, photoshoots, website, lead magnet, newsletter, social media accounts, stationary and branded Google G Suite email account.

Cheryl Sindell logo and inspiration board branding project by Flying Okole.


This project was destined for success because Cheryl is such a beautiful person inside and out. The lifestyle photoshoots were amazing! The backdrop was epic Maui sunsets in Makena and gorgeous greenery in the Hana rainforests. We are happy to say that her website truly shines and is reflective of her authentic, beautiful, giving and inspiring spirit. We absolutely loved working with Cheryl! 

Here's What Cheryl had to say: 

"Chelsea Kohl is an artist, graphic designer, and technical genius who listens and suggests from her heart. The FLYING 'OKOLE team created my user-friendly site that—in addition to my professional life—reflects my personality. What's more, the process was fun!"

Visit Cheryl Sindell's website.