Robert Heller Sculpture


Robert Heller is a Los Angeles based artist who needed a website to showcase the intrinsic beauty of his contemporary sculptures. His sculptures are abstract, modern, strong, spiritual and embody unique personalities. The Robert Heller Sculpture website needed to simply and elegantly represent his profound body of work and provide a contact point for interested buyers and galleries.


In order to best represent Robert's art we took a very simple, minimalist approach on his site design and logo. The black text and boxed photos placed upon a spacious white backdrop creates the gallery. These black and white tones do not compete but enhance his art, setting the stage for Robert's sculptures to be front and center. A splash of color is added to the site through the use of color photographs.


Since the launch of Robert's website he has been featured in more galleries and has sold more sculptures. 

Here's what Robert had to say: 

"CREATIVE - PROFESSIONAL - ORGANIZED - INTUITIVE - ARTISTIC. This describes my website and Chelsea Kohl who developed it. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you, Chelsea!"

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